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Enrich your quality of interactions on your existing channels like SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and Google Business Messages

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Powering all your communications

Build meaningful connections with your customers at every step of their journey and enable conversations across messaging or voice with unmatched scalability, deliverability, and cost-effectiveness


Send secure messages directly to your customers on their favorite channels

Unleash the Power of Messaging


A complete voice solution from a single provider.

All-in-One Voice


Step up security, keep engagements flowing.

Easily Validate Customers

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Communications have
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Way to use our service

Messaging, voice, verification — we have got all your needs
covered, whether you need a single API or Web

Web Application

Use our self service platform to create, manage and send your own Messaging, Voice & Verification experiences.


Connect your application or SaaS platform to start sending Text-based and Voice Messaging within sub-Saharan Africa.

Let us create it

You don’t have the bandwidth for another project. That is OK. We can work with your team to build out your Messaging use cases..

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Build with confidence and
boost your business – with
just a few lines of code

Our APIs are tried and true! Choose your preferred code language — we’ll adapt. Whatever it is you want to build, we’re here to make it as easy as possible. Get started in no time with our extensive developer documentation and intuitive tutorials!

Blow KPIs Through The Roof At Every Step Of The Customer Journey

Build the setup you need to engage and serve customers across all the channels they use and enhance every step of their journey, for staggering business results. Boost revenue, amplify engagement, and maximize ROI and efficiency — you’ll be amazed at how far conversations can take you.

Delivery Rate: 93%
Voice Quality Metrics: 90%
Call Completion Rate: 96%

regional super network

Industry-leading connectivity. True regional reach

Connect with your audience anywhere in sub-Saharan Africa through the most direct, secure, and reliable tier-1 network for messaging and voice.

  • Personalized conversations at scale

  • Meaningful conversations around the corner

  • Take advantage of a powerful voice network and services

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Messages and minutes terminated annually

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Over 3,000 customers rely on 9bits to build
meaningful connections across messaging and
voice with unmatched service quality, reliability,
and cost-effectiveness.
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